"Michael and Kaya Palmer visited our congregation last Sunday [19/06/11]. Kaya's testimony and song together with Michael's story and challenge from the Word electrified our congregation-and no one was in a hurry to go home. As a pastor I also appreciated their engagement with children, youth and adults as they mingled with them before and after the service.
We were privileged to have them in our home. They were very gracious guests marked by vulnerable honesty and a wonderful humility.
I'm confident God will continue to use them in His service."
Rev. D.H. Friesen
The Church of God at Erwood
Hudson Bay, SK

"The Hudson Bay Ministerial Association had Mike and Kaya Palmer here for a 'Family Day' event.  They shared their varied stories and offered words of encouragement that resonated well with the whole spectrum of the audience.  Their transparency is refreshing and invigorating.  We appreciated their approachableness and engagement with children as well as adults.  They have a great sense of humor and a profound humility. The message they shared of pursuing God's best in their lives is relevant and should be heard particularly by young people who are seeking to know God's will for their life. Very timely and engaging presentation."
Thanks Again,
Fred Buhler
Chair of the HBMA

"As he spoke, you could have heard a pin drop, the student’s eyes and ears were glued on him and what he had to say. He effectively connected with the students by relating to common challenges, experiences, family and sports. He encouraged the students in their Christian walk by giving them some easy, practical steps to follow. The kids were pumped. When his presentation was over, he took the time to shake the students’ hands and look them in the eye as he shared a personal and encouraging word, making each one feel very special. Michael has been invited back several times since then, each time delivering an equally effective and inspirational message to a very enthusiastic and receptive audience."
Cathy Peeler
- Grade 4 Teacher, Oakville Christian School

 "The night you spoke at Spark2Flame in Norwood was awesome!  Our students were really challenged by your relevant message.  I really liked how you stressed that you are not perfect.  Teen's sometimes set unreasonable standards for themselves, we need Jesus because we can't do it on our own!  Thanks for giving them a time to ask questions. It is great that teen's can see someone in the sports life that is living out their faith everyday.  Role models from every walk of life are so vital because teen's need someone to lead them.  We were so excited for them to hear from someone new and fresh that God is relevant."
Some thoughts from teen's:
"Michael Palmer really connected with us"
"Michael Palmer was real"  (huge with this generation..)
"I liked how he free styled with questions and knew what God said about it"
Jamie & Jennifer Sole
- Youth Pastors at Norwood Pentecostal Church

“His message about acceptance of everyone regardless of their differences sparked many discussions within classrooms about bullying, and what it really means to accept someone. Michael focused not only self respect, but also respect for teachers and parents. His instruction for the students was to give their teacher a high five when they left for the day to say thank you. Many of us did not get high fives, we got hugs.

At the end of the day, one of my students came up to me and said ‘Miss. Pfeifer, my favorite thing that Michael Palmer said was that you’re all special.’”
Hoffman Elementary School

"Michael went above what was expected of him… my favourite moment was when he stood at the door and high-fived every student as they left the library; the students’ couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day! God has blessed Michael Palmer with the gift of public speaking. He made an impact in the children’s lives that day, and I am confident that his message will resonate within them for years to come."   

Courtney Dalrymple
 - Teacher-Librarian, St. Gregory School 

"Michael's hand-written notes of encouragment hung in each classroom for months afterwards.  Many teachers referred to those notes from time to time, reminding their students to read their Bibles, to pray, to persevere, to remember Mike's challenge."

Jason Wryghte
-Principal, Elora Road Christian School

"Mike Palmer has been a key partner in our Athletes in Action programs the past several years. His leadership abilities have developed to the point where he has become an influential speaker to youth across our nation, and has the voice of a champion to help guide them in making right choices in life that are filled with honour."

Barret Kropf

Chaplin Saskatchewan Roughriders 
Author- Home Away From Home

“You handled yourself professionally and yet you were able to talk to our students on their level. My class in particular still talks about your visit and how it related to their lives. You gave them a vision of the future and how God can use their present situation to teach them life long lessons. We cannot wait for the Roughriders to win another Grey Cup.”
Steve Ellis
Principal, Crestwicke Christian Academy

Guelph, Ontario

"At Woodland Christian High School we participate in regular chapel assemblies. This week we were privileged to have alumnus Michael Palmer as our guest speaker. This was the second time that Michael has addressed our students and staff as he made a similar presentation to us two years ago. The positive feedback we received from his first visit demanded an encore. As he spoke from his heart he recalled how his faith and life experiences influenced and challenged him as a teenager and used these examples to helped to motivate his teenage audience. These words were very encouraging.
Michael is a fluent and inspiring speaker and his easygoing nature helped to win over our students enabling him to meet his audience on a personal level. Listening to him sharing his faith and life experiences was not only inspirational, but a challenge to his audience. 
His insight and life experiences challenged his audience to remain true to their faith and focused on using and developing their gifts. He clearly demonstrated that there really are "no excuses" and that we can achieve so much when we seek God¢s help in our lives.   Michael¢s presentation style kept the attention of his audience, a difficult task when addressing high school students. I received a lot of positive feedback from the students in my classes that followed the assembly. A great message - more people need to hear it. Thank you for a job well done, it really was a great presentation."
Ken Vanderzwaag
Vice Principal, Physical Education
Woodland Christian High School

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