What are you looking for? Kaya has many passions:
-      Singer / Songwriter
-      Public speaker
-      Pageant Coach/ Vocal Instructor
-      Model/ Actress
-      Photographer
-      Makeup artist
For music and more have a browse of:
Kaya has been vocally trained for the past 10 years and now teaches voice lessons, beginner’s piano classes and basic music theory. Kaya has never been involved with just one thing at a time, as you can see she is always trying new things and has many passions. Currently she is a part of Edge Agency as a model and actress, singing at church and various gigs. She learned a lot in her pageant experience about leadership skills, poise, public speaking, preparing music, and dressing professionally.
To Book Kaya for Pageant or Voice Coaching, to be your Keynote Speaker, or as a Performer at your event please contact us.