Faith & Ministry


Michael loves speaking and interacting with children and youth! He connects with them, lifts up their spirit, imparts important life lessons and encourages them to set a vision and pursue their dreams. Venues where Michael has been privileged to speak to children and youth include:

  • Toronto Argonaut Antibullying campaign
  • Various events in the Community of Regina
  • School Chapel
  • Youth Church Groups
  • Classroom discussions and oneonone interactions

Michael focuses a variety of themes and topics with his audience including: Bullying “the stronger young men and women are those who support and help one another”; Bible reading “an important habit to integrate into our lives, to stimulate growth each day”; Testimony themes including vision, goalsetting, abiding with Christ, overcoming obstacles, belief in self, preparation, discipline, association.

Michael customizes his delivery to meet your objectives. In each topic he will include:
  • Biblical references
  • A critical few impactful points illustrating practical application to living

To Book Michael for your speaking engagement, please contact us.