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What does it mean to apply CHAMPIONS IN LIFE principles to you and your circumstance at home, work, or in community? Michael shares what his experience has taught him: Success is not something that simply happens by accident, but rather the accumulation of a bunch of good things we do daily that grow into being GREAT! (John Maxwell)

CHAMPIONS IN LIFE attributes illustrated in Michael’s talks include: vision, hard work, humility, being other people focused, leadership, and investing time wisely.
Michael has been privileged to speak at: Toronto Argonaut Antibullying campaign; Elementary and High Schools in Toronto and Regina; Faith-based organizations and Service clubs; Business and community organizations.
Michael customizes his delivery to meet your objectives. In each topic he will include:
· References from great authors, philosophers and thinkers – past and present
· A critical few impactful points illustrating practical application to life, work and service 
To Book Michael for your speaking engagement, please contact us.