Meet Michael and Kaya Palmer 




Hello and welcome to Champions In Life,


Mission: We are Equipping and Empowering People to Build Their Lives Into Their Dreams


Michael graduated with honors in Philosophy from the University of Guelph and Kaya graduated with honours in Music from Warner Pacific College. Their lives are grounded in strong beliefs and a value system which are foundational to their life's mission; Michael and Kaya encourage people of all ages colours, creeds and backgrounds across all walks of life to strive to be CHAMPION'S IN LIFE!


Michael draws on his own life experiences as a Christ-follower, entrepreneur and professional athlete to relate stories which touch the hearts, minds and imaginations of all people. Kaya uses her journey with God and her life experiences as a music artist, 2-time contestant placing top ten in the Miss Oregon Scholarship Pageant and family background to motivate and inspire others to live their dreams. Michael and Kaya encourage participants to establish a vision for their life, align daily choices to their vision and grow their character to be responsible with the blessings that accompany achievement.


Easy to work with, Michael and Kaya first communicate with you to ensure deep understanding of your purpose, direction and objectives which allows them to focus their talk by reinforcing key points which edify the Leadership in place and the pursuit of your purpose and objectives in a way that connects them to each individual. Michael and Kaya's goal is that every participant benefits in some small way from their time invested together.







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